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Big Sibling Gifts from New Baby

Updated: Apr 6

Everything you need to prepare your older child for the arrival of their new sibling!

How to prepare toddler for new baby

big sibling gifts from new baby

Preparing your older child for the arrival of a new baby sibling is a process that can help ease the transition and promote a positive relationship between new siblings. Once their new sibling arrives, giving your toddler a gift "from the new baby" can make them feel extra cared for. More on this below!

To start, here are some tips on how you can prepare your toddler for the arrival of a new baby:

  • Talk about the baby: Start discussing the new baby with your toddler early on. Use age-appropriate language and explain what to expect when the baby arrives.

  • Involve them in preparations: Allow your toddler to be part of the preparations for the new baby, such as setting up the nursery or choosing baby items. This can help them feel included and excited about the arrival.

  • Spend quality time together: Make sure to spend quality one-on-one time with your toddler before the baby arrives. This can help reassure them of your love and attention.

  • Practice caregiving skills: Encourage your toddler to practice caregiving skills, such as holding a doll or helping with baby tasks. This can help them feel more prepared and involved in caring for the new baby.

  • Set realistic expectations: Be realistic about the changes that will occur with the new baby and how it may impact your toddler's routine. Prepare them for potential changes and reassure them that they are still loved and important.

  • Address any concerns: Encourage your toddler to ask questions and express any concerns they may have about the new baby. Validate their feelings and provide reassurance and support.

  • Read books about new siblings: Reading books about new siblings can help your toddler understand the concept of a new baby and what it means to be a big brother or sister.

Children's books about new siblings

You can start reading books about new siblings to help your child understand what will happen soon. Here are a few great books to prepare child for new baby:

Sibling gift from new baby

big sibling gifts from new baby

Whether you give your older child a gift "from the new baby" is completely up to you. Some parents choose to do so as a way to help their older child feel included and special during the transition of welcoming a new sibling. It can be a thoughtful gesture to help foster a positive relationship between siblings and alleviate any feelings of jealousy or resentment. However, it is important to consider the individual dynamics of your family and how your toddler may perceive the gift. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what you believe will best support your family's unique situation and dynamics.

Giving your older child a gift from their new sibling can have several benefits:

  • Inclusion and bonding: It can help your toddler feel included in the arrival of the new baby and foster a sense of bonding between siblings.

  • Positive association: The gift can create a positive association with the new baby, helping your toddler feel more accepting and excited about the new addition to the family.

  • Alleviate jealousy: By receiving a gift from the new baby, your toddler may feel less jealous or resentful towards their new sibling, as they see it as a gesture of love and connection.

  • Emotional support: The gift can serve as a way to provide emotional support to your toddler during the transition period of welcoming a new family member.

  • Encourages sharing and cooperation: It can encourage your toddler to share and cooperate with their new sibling, setting a positive tone for their relationship in the future.

Big sibling gifts from new baby

Giving your older child a new little something from the new baby can be a thoughtful way to help them adjust to the changes in the family dynamic and promote a harmonious relationship between siblings. Here are a few ideas of big sibling gifts from new baby:

  • Personalized sibling book: Have the little ones create a personalized book that tells the story of their special bond and the adventures they will have together, fostering a sense of connection and love between siblings.

  • Matching sibling outfits: Matching outfits for the toddler and the new baby can create a sense of unity and togetherness, symbolizing their special bond as siblings.

  • Handprint or footprint kit: A kit to create handprints or footprints of both the toddler and the new baby can serve as a keepsake of their bond and growth together over time.

  • Big sibling medal or badge: A special medal or badge for the toddler to wear proudly, signifying their important role as a big sibling and creating a sense of pride and responsibility.

  • Photo album or matching photo frames: A photo album or frame filled with pictures of the toddler and the new baby together can help create lasting memories and strengthen their bond as siblings.

  • Sibling matching bracelets: Matching bracelets for the toddler and the new baby can serve as a tangible reminder of their special connection and love for each other.

  • Personalized sibling puzzle: A personalized puzzle featuring images of the toddler and the new baby can be a fun and interactive way to strengthen their bond through play.

  • Sibling growth chart: A growth chart that tracks the heights of both the toddler and the new baby can be a meaningful way to document and view their growth and bond as siblings over time.

  • Sibling memory box: A special box where the toddler can keep mementos and treasures shared with the new baby, creating a shared space for memories and moments of connection between siblings.

Gifts for siblings of new baby

Typically, people will bring over new baby gifts when a baby is born, but what about the older child? Maybe you're a grandparent wondering if you should give your older grandchild a gift when you visit the newborn baby. Many parents would say the answer is yes. Giving a gift to siblings of a new baby can definitely help the older siblings still feel prioritized during this big transition. You definitely don't want them to feel like the spotlight has completely shifted from them to their new sibling.

When choosing gifts for siblings of a new baby, it's nice to consider gifts that they might be able to play with alongside the new baby, such as activities that the two new siblings can do together.

Here are some ideas of gifts you can give to siblings of a new baby:

Hopefully these gift ideas are helpful when deciding what to get for a new big sibling as a new baby arrives. Although a new baby is exciting for the entire family, it comes with a lot of change for older siblings so we should do our best to help them feel special and important throughout this life change.

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