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Disney with Baby: Tips, Packing List, Rides, and More (2024)

Updated: Apr 6

Everything you need to know for a successful, fun day at Disney with baby!

Bringing a baby to Disneyland or California Adventure is an exciting and memorable experience for the entire family. However, visiting Disney theme parks also requires planning and preparing to ensure a smooth and enjoyable day. I'll provide you with helpful tips to make your visit a truly magical adventure!

Is it Worth Going to Disney with a Baby?

A trip to Disney can be a wonderful opportunity for the entire family to bond and create special memories together. Sharing the joy and excitement of the park with your baby can strengthen family connections and create the best memories. Although there is a bit more planning and preparing to do if you're taking a baby to Disney, it can definitely be done if you plan ahead and prepare for a bit of flexibility during your Disney day. I took our baby to Disney for the first time at five months old, and it was absolutely worth it in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised at how many baby-friendly rides and activities there were. I already can't wait for our next trip back. Disney for babies is stimulating, fun, exciting, and magical.

Is Disney Free for Babies? Does Disney Charge for Babies?

Disney is free for kids under 3 years old. As soon as your baby turns 3 years old, their own theme park ticket is required. However, Disney does not expect you to show an ID for your child, so this is on the honor system.

A child's ticket is required for guests ages 3-9 years old. These tickets are much less expensive than an adult ticket. However, once your child turns 9 years old, they will require a regular park ticket.

Planning for a Day at Disneyland with Babies:

Disney with baby
  • Check the park's website: Before your visit, it's essential to check the official Disneyland and California Adventure websites for any updates, park hours, and special events that may affect your visit.

  • Choose the right time: Consider visiting during weekdays or non-peak seasons to avoid large crowds and long lines, if you can.

  • Purchase tickets in advance: Always purchase your tickets online before your visit, and make your park reservation.

  • Consider purchasing Genie+ or Individual Lightning Land Entrances: If you're going on a busy park day, weigh the pros and cons of these extra purchases. Although they are an extra cost, they allow for much shorter wait times, if that is worth it to you.

What to Pack for Disney with a Baby:

  • Diapers and wipes: Pack plenty of diapers and wipes to ensure your baby stays clean and comfortable throughout the day. Take a look at our posts: Best Bags for Diaper Bags and What to Pack in a Diaper Bag for more helpful information.

  • Extra clothing: Bring a change of clothes (or two!) for your baby in case of any accidents or spills.

  • Baby food and snacks: If your baby is on solid foods, pack their favorite snacks and meals. Here is a full guide of what you cannot bring into the parks. Disneyland and California Adventure also offer baby care centers (more on this below) where you can warm up food or purchase baby-friendly options.

  • Bottles and formula: If your baby is bottle-fed, bring enough bottles and formula for the day. The baby care centers also provide facilities for washing and sterilizing bottles. If you are breastfeeding, consider a Disney-theme nursing cover for this special day.

  • Blankets and jackets: These essentials can come in handy for when it gets colder in the evenings. Make sure you have enough jackets and blankets for the kids- I love this soft Disney blanket for the stroller.

  • Stroller and carrier: This $50 lightweight stroller and this baby carrier are must-haves for navigating the parks and lines easily. Ensure it is comfortable for your baby and easy to maneuver through crowds. Our first time taking the baby to Disney, I brought a heavy stroller, which made it more challenging to fold-up when needed. A baby carrier is essential for holding your baby in ride lines. If you need a new one, check out our post Best Baby Carriers to help choose the right one for you.

  • Sunscreen and hats: Protect your baby's delicate skin from the sun's rays by applying baby sunscreen and providing a hat for extra shade, like this adorable Mickey & Friends bucket hat.

  • Pacifiers, toys, and comfort items: Bring your baby's favorite pacifiers, Mickey Mouse toy, and other comfort items to keep them entertained and calm during wait times or breaks.

First Disney Trip Baby Outfit:

What to Pack for Disney with Baby (extras!):

Okay, these are not essential items, but they are extra fun to have for your Disney day!

Disney with Baby Tips:

  • Plan for breaks: Remember to pace yourself throughout the day. Babies need regular breaks and naps. Find shaded areas or quiet spots to take breaks and allow your little one to rest or time longer lines to wait in them while baby is napping.

  • Rider Switch: If you're traveling with older children who want to experience other rides, take advantage of the Rider Switch program. This allows one adult to wait with the baby while the other rides, and then switch without waiting in line again.

  • Stay hydrated and well-fed: Remember to stay hydrated and well-fed throughout the day, as taking care of your own needs will ensure you have the energy to care for your kids too.

  • Baby Care Centers: Disneyland and California Adventure have dedicated baby care centers equipped with changing tables, nursing rooms, feeding areas, and supplies for purchase. You should definitely take advantage of these rooms if possible- even just for a diaper change, the changing tables are much nicer than the smaller changing tables in restrooms.

Baby Care Centers at Disneyland and California Adventure

  • Disneyland Baby Care Center: Located at the end of Disneyland's Main Street, next to First Aid.

  • California Adventure Baby Care Center: Located next to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shopand across from The Bakery Tour in Pacific Wharf.

  • To view the baby care centers on the Disneyland map, visit this link.

Here are some key features of the baby care centers:

  • Changing Stations: The center provides clean and spacious changing stations equipped with complimentary diapers and wipes, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free experience. Additionally, baby changing stations can also be found in almost all restrooms within the park.

  • Nursing Areas: Private rooms are available for nursing mothers or pumping mothers, offering a calm and comfortable environment. These rooms are equipped with rocking chairs and electrical outlets for added convenience.

  • Feeding Areas: The Baby Care Center provides high chairs and a microwave for parents who need to warm up bottles or baby food. It's a convenient spot to feed your little one in a relaxed setting.

  • Supplies and Essentials: Forgot to pack something? The center offers a range of baby care products for purchase, including formula, baby food, diapers, and more. Ask a cast member if you need assistance with anything, there are always several cast members inside the baby care centers.

Does Disney Sell Baby Formula?

Yes, you can purchase baby formula inside of the Baby Care Centers if you forgot yours. However, it is best to bring the formula that your baby is most familiar with, if you can.

What to do with a Baby at Disney?

There are so many more things to do at Disney with a baby than I originally thought. There are plenty of rides for babies at Disneyland and California Adventure (see lists below), parades, shows, character meet and greets, and of course all of the delicious Disney food to try. By taking advantage of the stroller-friendly attractions, utilizing the Baby Care Centers, enjoying character meet and greets, attending shows and parades, exploring baby-friendly dining options, and allowing for regular breaks, you can have a magical and memorable trip for both you and your little one.

Can you Ride Rides at Disney with a Baby? Can Babies go on Disney Rides?

To answer this question clearly, yes! There are so many rides for little ones to ride with you at Disneyland and California Adventure. Of course you should use your own discernment and decide what you are personally comfortable with, but there are plenty of options for you and your little one to ride rides together. I am going to list all of the rides for babies at Disneyland and California Adventure below.

What Disney Rides Can a Baby go on? Disneyland Rides for Babies:

  • It's a Small World: This gentle boat ride takes guests on a musical journey through different cultures and is generally suitable for all ages, including babies.

  • The Disneyland Railroad: This scenic train ride circles the park, providing a relaxing experience for guests of all ages, including babies.

  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: This slow-moving dark ride takes guests through the Hundred Acre Wood and is suitable for babies.

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant: This classic ride allows guests to control the height of their flying elephant and is often enjoyed by babies and young children.

  • King Arthur Carrousel: A traditional carousel with beautifully decorated horses, this ride is suitable for all ages, including babies.

  • Casey Jr. Circus Train: This gentle train ride takes guests on a tour around Storybook Land and is suitable for babies.

  • Jungle Cruise: While it does have some mild thrills, this boat ride through exotic landscapes is generally considered suitable for babies.

  • The Enchanted Tiki Room: This indoor show features animatronic birds and is a relaxing experience suitable for all ages, including babies.

  • Character Meet and Greets: Take your baby to meet their favorite Disney characters. These interactions can be magical and create lasting memories. Don't miss visiting Mickey and Minnie's houses inside ToonTown!

  • Parades and Shows: Enjoy the various parades and shows throughout the park. Find a comfortable spot where your baby can watch the colorful floats and performances.

  • Play Areas: Disneyland offers designated play areas where your baby can crawl, explore, and burn off some energy. These areas are designed with their safety and enjoyment in mind.

  • Live Entertainment: Keep an eye out for live entertainment, such as musical performances or street shows. These can captivate your baby's attention and add to the overall experience.

  • Enjoy the Atmosphere: Take leisurely strolls through the park, allowing your baby to take in the sights, sounds, and vibrant atmosphere of Disneyland.

  • Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway: This gentle ride takes guests on a wild and wacky adventure through Mickey and Minnie's madcap cartoon world. This ride is suitable for anyone, babies included, but it is a bit jerky so be prepared for that.

  • Gadget's Go Coaster: Designed with younger guests in mind, this mini roller coaster offers a thrilling yet mild experience. Babies can ride with an adult, enjoying the twists and turns as they zip through Toon Town.

  • Haunted Mansion: Take your seat in a gloomy Doom Buggy for an eerie tour through this house of happy haunts. Although this ride can be scary for younger children, any height and age is allowed to ride.

  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters: Take aim and fire your laser to defeat Zurg during a thrilling space battle.

Keep in mind that there may be other attractions at Disneyland that are also suitable for babies, such as parades, shows, meet and greets, and more. It's always a good idea to review the official Disneyland website or consult with park staff for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding ride suitability for babies.

What Disney Rides Can Babies go on? Here are the California Adventure Rides for Babies:

  • The Little Mermaid: This slow-moving dark ride takes guests through scenes from Disney's "The Little Mermaid" and is suitable for babies.

  • Monsters Inc: This gentle dark ride follows the story of the movie "Monsters, Inc." and is generally suitable for babies.

  • Toy Story Midway Mania: While this 3D interactive shooting game may be more suitable for older children, babies can still enjoy the colorful visuals and playful atmosphere of this ride.

  • Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters: This slow-paced ride features dancing cars and is generally suitable for babies.

  • Mater's Junkyard Jamboree: Similar to Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters, this ride features spinning tractors and is generally suitable for babies.

  • The Red Car Trolley: This vintage-style trolley takes guests on a scenic tour of Buena Vista Street and is generally suitable for all ages, including babies.

  • Animation Academy: While not a ride, this interactive drawing class allows guests to learn how to draw Disney characters and is suitable for all ages, including babies.

  • Live Entertainment: Keep an eye out for live entertainment, such as musical performances or street shows inside California Adventure. These can captivate your baby's attention and add to the experience.

Is Disneyland or California Adventure Better for Babies?

If you pace yourself throughout the day and set realistic expectations for your family at the Disney parks, either park is going to be enjoyable! If you only have time to visit one park with your baby, I would probably suggest Disneyland. As you can see from the list above, there are a few more rides available for babies to go on at Disneyland, including visiting ToonTown.

Disney Hotels and Disney Resorts:

Okay, now that we've gone over all of the Disneyland and California Adventure park details for babies, let's look at the Disney resort options nearby, in case you want to stay overnight with your family. There are some perks to staying overnight in a Disney hotel, such as special access and premium perks only Disney can offer, like early entry into a theme park.

  • Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa: The Grand Californian is such a special Disney resort (and my personal favorite!), right on property. It has a rich craftsman style design, complete with beautiful hotel rooms, a luxurious spa, themed pools, and award-winning dining. Some of my favorite dining options at the Grand Californian include Napa Rose and Storytellers Cafe for breakfast with classic Disney characters.

  • Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel: The Paradise Pier hotel is a bit more lighthearted and fun than the Grand Californian. It features California beachfront boardwalks in an old-fashioned, yet modern way. It has a nice rooftop pool, and you can even view the Disneyland fireworks from the third floor pool deck on select nights-- a great option if you have little ones who might need to go to sleep sooner than the firework show starts.

  • Disneyland Hotel: The Disneyland Hotel is a great, classic option to stay at with your family. The memorable rooms feature the parks original lands, and the pools offer some amazing kid-friendly experiences such as a fun water play area. My personal favorite feature of the Disneyland Hotel is Goofy's Kitchen. Some of my favorite childhood memories are at this breakfast buffet complete with character visits and mouse-shaped waffles. Be sure to book your reservation far ahead of time.

  • Hotels Nearby: It's a great idea to explore some hotels nearby Disneyland to save a bit of money on hotel accommodations.

Bringing a baby to Disneyland and California Adventure requires some planning and preparation, but it can be a truly magical experience for the whole family. By following the tips provided in this post and packing essential items for your family, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable day at the parks. Cherish these precious moments and create lasting memories with your little one in the enchantment of Disneyland and California Adventure.

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