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Fall Crafts for Kids

Updated: Apr 6

Ideas for your little one to create this season!

Fall crafts for kids

With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to share some great at-home fall crafts for kids. Not only will these keep your little ones entertained as the weather outside gets colder, but they'll also boost their creativity and learning. These are perfect for spending some quality time together and explore new skills.

Easy Leaf Collage

Falling leaves are one of the most iconic symbols of fall. Take your kids on a nature walk and collect a variety of leaves in different shapes and colors. When you get back home, provide them with glue, construction paper, and markers. Then have them create a beautiful leaf collage by easily arranging and sticking the leaves onto the paper. This craft not only celebrates the beauty of autumn but also enhances your child's fine motor skills and creativity.

Pumpkin Decorating

fall crafts for kids

Of course, fall and pumpkins go hand in hand. Instead of carving pumpkins, try a different approach this year by decorating them. Set up a pumpkin decorating station with paints, markers, glitter, and other craft supplies. Let your kids' imagination run wild as they transform plain pumpkins into colorful works of art. This seasonal activity is not only mess-free but also allows for endless creativity and personalization.

Handprint Turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by creating a handprint turkey! All you need is some construction paper, paint, and a little hand of your child. Help them dip their hand in different colors of paint and press it onto the paper to create the turkey's feathers. Add googly eyes, a beak, and a wattle to complete the adorable little turkey. Then, once the paint and decorations have dried, ask your child to think of four things they are grateful for and help them write each one on the turkey's feathers. This craft is a great opportunity to teach your kids about gratitude and the importance of family during the holiday season.

Fall Wreath

fall crafts for kids

Decorate your home with a beautiful fall wreath made by your kids. This can be a craft that multiple kids work on together, so that in the end you just have one wreath for your front door. Gather materials such as colorful leaves, pinecones, acorns, and a foam or cardboard wreath base. Let your children arrange and glue the natural elements onto the base, creating a fall-inspired wreath. Hang it on your front door or use it as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. This craft not only adds a festive touch to your home but also encourages your kids to appreciate nature's beauty.

Crafting with your kids during the fall season is a fantastic way to bond, create cherished memories, and embrace the holiday spirit. Whether it's making leaf collages, decorating pumpkins, creating handprint turkeys, or crafting fall wreaths, these activities provide endless fun and opportunities for learning. So, gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and embark on crafting adventures this holiday season!

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